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A Siberian without a sled can only dream …

At WildCries dreams come true.

Siberian Huskies and Other Animals

Siberian Huskies are pack dogs and will pack with their human family as well as the other animals living in the home, if introduced properly.

When not raised around smaller animals a Siberian Husky’s curiosity will get the best of them resulting in a game of chase. Unfortunately with that comes the accidental death of the smaller animal giving the Siberian a bad rap. So always expect the unexpected!
 Socialize your puppy with the smaller animals. Do not allow them to chase. Be persistent with a firm "NO". Train them to love their furry friends. Be the alpha to your dog what the leader says goes (be sure to use lots of love and praise). It takes firm, consistent training to teach your Siberian to be a well -mannered companion and to respect the smaller animals in the home.

Siberians are prey driven, complex, stubborn, strong and clever, making them more of a challenging breed in more ways then one.  You want to always be 3 steps ahead of them. Training your Siberian begins with teaching yourself to be a fair but firm leader.  Like all dogs they are creatures of habit condition him/her to follow a schedule.  This will lead to routine and by using routine you gain security and security gets you respect which gives you pack honour that entitles you to a happy, respectful Siberian Husky home.

Your Siberian Husky mentor,

                                                                     Ms WildCries