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A Siberian without a sled can only dream …

At WildCries dreams come true.

WILDCRIES Advice: So you think you want a Siberian

I would recommend you …

RESEARCH this breed to make sure it is right for you. A dog is a LIFE TIME commitment. Not something you get tired of or becomes a pain instead of a pleasure because there is too much responsibility. (There are too many dogs out there with no homes already.)

You should be an energetic active type of person, who enjoys the outdoors because this is what a Siberian likes. Do we have a match?

Oh yes, and you must LOVE a lot of dog hair because a Siberian will shed twice a year. Bathing and frequent grooming will take care of this. If you do not have the time or do not want to deal with the mess of a bath and grooming session, you can find a good dog-grooming service to help keep your grooming under control. A good diet and following the advice of your breeder is also helpful.

Here’s a good one, Siberians LOVE to DIG! So you’ll need a kennel to prevent this, or an area where he/she will be able to enjoy this fun activity in an acceptable place.

Right off the bat Siberians LOVE to RUN!  So this is where your active abilities come in. You will need a fenced in yard or a fenced place where you can exercise your husky. Get a strong flexileash because routine walks are a must as part of the daily exercise. Introduce your puppy to new activities and experiences while he is young, things like swimming, hiking camping, jogging and dog sledding, which he/she was born to do.

SOCIALIZING is very important! With kids, smaller animals and doing basic obedience. Start this conditionin

g as soon as you bring your puppy home!

CRATE TRAINING is a must! It not only protects when traveling, it teaches your Siberian puppy that “time out” and “wait, I’ll be right back”, are all good things. Because a Siberian is a natural pack animal they quickly grow close to their human family, and when left alone, your puppy may become bored, lonely, and capable of destruction. This is why crate training is so important.  Start at an early age to enhance security; you do not want to deal with separation anxiety. So with “time out” and “wait” introduced at an early age this soon becomes an accepted form of obedience and your puppy welcomes the crate. Feed your puppy in his crate, keep all the toys and chew things in there also. The crate will soon become his DEN, a very SAFE and COMFORTABLE place to be. A crate is never a bad place! Do not make it a scary experience!!! Always be persistent and consistent, using LOTS of PRAISE.

Siberians are loving, loyal, smart and very determined. So remember, what you allow your Siberian to do as a pup will be exactly what your Siberian pup will be doing as an adult! If you do not run your Siberian ... your Siberian will run you.

Now I ask you ... do you think you can handle all of this ENERGY and ZEST FOR LIFE? If you have answered YES, then I’d say the Siberian Husky and you are a PERFECT MATCH. If you have any further questions, email us at