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A Siberian without a sled can only dream …

At WildCries dreams come true.

Siberian Huskies are independent thinkers and tend to get creative if bored, so it's important that owners remember not to over train them. Having your dog come when called is most important to teach. Owners need to understand how the Siberian's heritage effects their behaviour. They were bred to sled, it is in their blood, coming when called is not. Siberian Huskies should have some physical activity daily, and this does not have to be a 2 hour walk. They are a pack dog by nature and require time as part of the family. We use specific collars used for different activities. Your Siberian can learn to relate to each one, leaving the harness as the only time he/she is allowed to pull. Siberian Huskies thrive with leadership from their owner, plenty of exercise and being part of the family - hair & all.~  Lol


                                                                                                                                                                                Ms WildCries  
 If you don't run your Siberian your Siberian will run you! AND always expect the unexpected!!!

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