Working ~ Award Winning ~ Obedience ~ Agility ~Therapy ~ Family Member 
" Multi tasking, that also provides unconditional love, entertainment & a sense of humor "  

Plus, we keep on top of all certification's here at WILDCRIES because we strive to produce the very best!

Our purpose, to produce Champion's, a well rounded Socialized, Siberian Husky with Strong Foundation known for Working in harness to date, based on Structure, Movement,Temperament, Intelligence, Versatility, Beauty & Type. Plus...  with our unique Signature reliable off leash training abilities, " just a added bonus for performance/therapy work." All this attributes to the innate desire & eager to please attitude that a dedicated Breeder puts forth in their breeding program that produces Winner’s. In fact, what comes out is what we've put in.~

"A Trainer's dream dog " or a "A Child's dream best friend "  

After all, it's the time & love we put into our dogs that shows success. ~
  Ms WildCries

*** Please be advised: Siberian Huskies should always be on a leash for their own protection as should ALL dogs ***

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Siberian Huskies
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A Siberian without a sled can only dream …

At WildCries dreams come true.